Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Obama a Two Trick Pony?

In reading recent commentaries suggesting that Obama has failed the liberal cause, there may be an impulse to agree. Obama has been noticeably absent in promoting liberalism in the arenas of foreign policy and ‘national security’ (an anachronism for the Orwellian police state nightmare his predecessor ushered in.) It may well be that ‘all the king’s men’ cannot restore what has been stolen from its citizens. It may be that Obama and his cabinet have seen the same future that was envisioned by Dick Cheney and George Bush, and that Obama has heeded the guidance from Dick Cheney that Obama will need the tools created by the neocons and Vulcans to maintain some semblance of civil order when Armageddon falls upon us. If true, this writer weeps for the end of democracy.

Avoiding impulse however, a more thoughtful reflection on the situation at hand is a bit more merciful. Obama has faced the largest and most complex financial crisis in human history, and whether the citizens like the bailouts or not, he has stabilized the tail that wags the dog. He has moved into the number two priority position the healthcare of 50 to 60 million citizens. He has taken on and course corrected the two deepest sets of deep pockets in the world – the financial sector and the healthcare industry. Not a small task for the first 9 months. If any liberal thought this was going to be done without compromise, shame on them for betraying their beliefs.

That said, it’s time for Obama to step up to broader requirements of the Presidency. The President needs to be bigger than his staff is currently allowing him to be. In those areas where he has brought in new blood, it appears there is favorable progress in the advancement of the liberal interpretation of freedom and justice. Where he has maintained the old guard: Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton, and the Goldman Sachs gang - the policies remain the same. Let us never forget that despite their rhetoric, Gates, Clinton, and Goldman Sachs as far back as the mid 1980s, had their fortunes hooked up with the netherworld financial apparatus that paved the way for their current disdain for the U.S. Constitution: the Iran-Contra scandal and its hooks into Mena, Arkansas and the Savings and Loans scandals, the BCCI bank scandal and the laundering of illegal CIA funds for activities clearly prohibited by U.S. law, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 and Hillary’s attempts to secretly siphon off a few hundred million dollars of funds use to bankroll that covert war. These people have been laughing all the way to the bank while trampling on the Constitution. Gates, Clinton, the Israeli money laundering machine represented by Rahm Emanuel, and the long lineage of Senior partners from Goldman Sachs (starting with OSI agent Sydney Weinberg- you laugh, but check) that arranged all of these operations that lie at the core of the “Ugly American” – these represent the old guard in the Whitehouse today. Nothing is changing until they are gone from the Whitehouse. They and their CFR colleagues are close to establishing a global currency (Goldman Sachs owns half the votes already,) and wasting American lives to protect a free trade philosophy that allows them to steal the treasuries of nation-states around the world, and then safeguard those proceeds from taxation in offshore banking communities. They are the treasonous officials that have worked against the American citizens and the U.S. Constitution, and have inflicted unconscionable pain on the world for the sake of personal wealth.

It is hard to tell if the rapprochement between the new guard and the old guard is one of necessity or convenience. In either event, Obama needs to ‘step up’ and send a message about the change he was elected to provide. If he’s a two trick pony, the liberals need to know that now. If he’s more, he needs to promote his broader agenda now.

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